Success By 6

Mission: Children are prepared for school and a life of learning.

United Way of Southern Cameron County–Success By 6 is committed to ensuring that children birth to 6 years old are prepared for school and a life of learning by increasing access to educational activities and providing parents and caregivers with ideas for turning everyday activities into quality, early-learning opportunities.

Success By 6 Goals:


  1. Increase access to information
  2. Increase educational opportunities for parents, caregivers and professionals
  3. Increase opportunities for children to learn, sing, laugh and play
  4. Understand needs, trends and changes in early education in our community
  5. Advocate for policies that support early learning

What is Success By 6?

Success By 6 is not a program or a product or as tangible as a piece of software. It is one of the most important efforts United Way can undertake to ensure a child's bright future. It begins when leaders come together and  focus on doing whatever it takes to ensure the health, well-being and school readiness of children in our community. This directly contributes to southern Cameron County’s quality of life, educational success, competitive workforce and economic strength. Success By 6 offers a structure, an approach, guidelines and a research-based path that United Way of Southern Cameron County is following. Simply put, Success By 6 is a process and framework for galvanizing communities to change lives. It’s a nexus for action.

We know that children who start behind, stay behind.

Children aren't born ready for success in life. Readiness is a process that begins before birth and must be continually developed during the early years of a child's life. They learn best in loving, nurturing environments and through everyday experiences. These connections prepare them for future learning, especially in the early years. United Way and its partners are leading initiatives to improve the quality of childcare, family support, early intervention and public awareness activities to equip parents to make the best choices for their families.

What does it mean to be a United Way Success By 6?

Success By 6 is a public-private partnership of community leaders who galvanize around a common concern or shared vision. All children are ready to succeed when they enter school is the core value driving Success By 6 leaders in developing a comprehensive action plan to address short and long-term needs of children in the community.

United Way's Success By 6 framework offers a common foundation of proven strategies. Our Success By 6 teams approach the task in a logical, methodical way: we assess needs, map out resources and identify measurable outcomes that can truly move the needle. We create a plan for action that includes public, private and nonprofit partners – and takes into account existing services and supports.