A Message from the Board Chair

Michael J. Limas

Friends and Family,

It’s an incredible honor to serve as this year’s Chairman for our United Way of Southern Cameron County.  Since my introduction to the United Way, I have embraced its mission and have been lucky enough to have created strong relationships with truly amazing people who all share a desire and passion for improving our wonderful community. 

Our United Way has served southern Cameron County for over 65 years and I am confident that we will continue to bring life to our mission for many more years to come. United Way’s mission is a noble one that calls for, “improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.”  As we reflect upon the past year when we  focused on fighting a common enemy (COVID-19), I am reminded of  the manner in which our United Way  was a instrumental in mobilizing hundreds of caring community members to help those in need. This assistance was made possible through united efforts of so many to fight hunger and ensure that our most vulnerable friends and family were cared for. 

I am excited about the work ahead of us, for the honorable work of helping those in need never ends.  As we begin year two of our work combatting human trafficking, I am particularly excited about the fact that we are 1 of 4 local United Ways throughout the country piloting programs to prevent human trafficking and help victims of trafficking get back on their feet.  Also, due to the impact of Covid-19, food insecurity and inequity in access to food has become a major focus for our United Way along with key partners in our community that have come together to form an amazing and robust coalition united in the effort to reduce food disparities.  So whether it’s working with the great United Way staff or working with our super-star board members or engaging with community leaders across all industries, I know this will be a great year and I am confident that our United Way of Southern Cameron County will continue to “fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person of our community.”

With this in mind, I’m calling on you…

I am calling on you as convener and collaborator,

I’m calling on you as a hand raiser and game changer,

I am calling on you for your leadership and your generosity,

I’m calling you for our shared love of our community.

Let’s UNITE.  Let’s roll-up our sleeves make this year one that we will all be proud of. 


Michael J. Limas

Michael J. Limas & Associates

Board Chair, United Way of Southern Cameron County