Becoming A Workplace Campaign Partner

Becoming a United Way Workplace Campaign Partner

There are several ways you can be involved in a workplace campaign and help United Way in raising efforts to support our community. Depending on your schedule and United Way experience, there is an opportunity for you to join us during our workplace campaign which takes place year round. By becoming United Way workplace campaign partners, the presentation process runs smoother and is successful when we have an army of empowered volunteers. 


Sandra Langley

Being a campaign helper may involve several duties such as taking inventory of campaign incentive items, making supply bags, and assisting a Loaned Executive or speaker at presentations by distributing and collecting pledge forms. Being a helper is also a good way to listen to speakers to learn more about United Way and eventually even become a speaker yourself!


Campaign suppliers are essential to the workplace campaign presentations. Suppliers make sure that the bag(s) of supplies are picked up from our office and delivered to the scheduled presentations. Suppliers may sometimes also assist with passing out and collecting pledge forms at the larger presentations.


If you are interested in becoming a speaker for workplace campaign presentations, we here at United Way of Southern Cameron County will offer you the tools you need to further your knowledge about UWSCC’s initiatives and is also great practice for enhancing your public speaking skills in an exciting way.

Employee Campaign Coordinators

Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC) are volunteers from businesses in our community who generously donate their time to advance the annual workplace campaign efforts for United Way of Southern Cameron County within their place of employment.  ECCs are essential to a successful workplace campaign and are sometimes lovingly referred to as our United Way of Southern Cameron County Cheerleaders.


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Trainning will be held on Thursday, July 27th, 2023 from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM.

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Speaker training will be held on a different day. Please reach out to Heidi Kong via email if interested.

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