UAH Javier Guajardo Colonel

“Right before this pandemic things were really going my way. My cheesecake business was taking off, and I started creating a brunch menu for Palm Lounge that I was in complete control of, things were also going great at my main job Las Ramblasat Market Square. I had 6 local restaurants ordering cheesecakes from me including Dodici Pizza + Wine and Terras Urban Mexican Kitchen. Then it all came to a screeching halt. For the first month I was stuck at home not knowing what to do with myself. Then I received word that United Way of Southern Cameron County was looking to help furloughed workers. United Way, Brownsville Wellness Coalition and Good Neighbor Settlement House have given me purpose during this pandemic. I have really enjoyed this experience and it’s helped me reevaluate what's really important in life. I am grateful for the opportunity to help my community while bettering my situation.” - Javier Guajardo Colonel. We appreciate all you do!