Understand needs, trends and changes in early education in our community

The Texas Community Campaign for School Readiness - Early Development Instrument (EDI)

United Way of Southern Cameron County is one of four sites in Texas participating in the Texas Community Campaign for School Readiness. This initiative allows the community to collect early childhood data by assessing all Kindergarten students with the Early Development Instrument. The findings will be presented through geo-maps which include specific data that demonstrates children’s vulnerabilities and school readiness skills at the neighborhood level making sure intervention is targeted, intentional  and strategic. An Early Childhood Leadership Taskforce has been formed to create a community response and strategic plan from the findings.

United Way of Southern Cameron County will be focusing school readiness efforts on identifying and responding to the community's early childhood needs by using proven school-readiness strategies to meet the specific needs of the children down to the neighborhood level. 

Latino Pre-K Project
United Way of Southern Cameron County participated in the Latino Pre-K project through United Ways of Texas. United Way surveyed over 200 parents in the community with children currently enrolled in
pre-K finding that parents primarily care about access to pre-K and full day pre-K in our community. United Way will continue to conduct this survey to ensure parents' needs and wants are being met.


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