Meet New Board Member Rick Villarreal DDS

Rick Villarreal, DDS, joined United Way of Southern Camreon County's Board of Directors on July 2, 2018 for a 3-year term. We had a few questions for Dr. Villarreal.

What was your first contact with United Way? Were you a donor? A volunteer? Did your parents give?

RV: My father would speak of United Way when he worked with Southwestern Bell. And, of course, I saw the iconic NFL/United Way commercials on football game days.

How did you become involved with United Way of Southern Cameron County?

RV: I originally became involved by volunteering to help with various fundraising events, and now by having been nominated and elected to serve on the Board of Directors.

What do you like about serving as a member of the Board of Directors?

RV: Since I am just now starting my term, it will be great to serve with my fellow community members---some of whom I may not have had the opportunity to know.

Has anything surprised you about United Way of Southern Cameron County as you've become more involved?

RV: Yes--there is not much downtime at our headquarters!

Why do you support United Way of Southern Cameron County?

RV: Our United Way has an impact on every age and social/economic group in our area.