Meet New Board Member Frank Lopez

IBC Bank Vice President Frank Lopez joined the United Way of Southern Cameron County Board of Directors on July 1, 2018 for a three-year term. We talked with Frank recently about his motivation for serving United Way of Southern Cameron County.

What was your first contact with United Way?

Frank: "My first contact with United Way was in 1999. I was nineteen years old and attending college locally at UTB and working as a part-time teller at Texas State Bank. United Way was having their annual donation campaign at Texas State Bank and my supervisor urged all tellers to attend. I didn’t know what United Way was before that day, and after hearing the speaker and understanding what United Way was all about, I wanted to help. At the time, I didn’t make very much money considering minimum wage was only $5.15 at that time and only worked twenty hours a week, but I wanted to help. I asked how I could help and the speaker told me if I couldn’t help financially, that I could volunteer. Since I was going to school and working, time wasn’t something I had a lot of. I remember the speaker saying anything helps, even a dollar. So I told myself a few dollars month wouldn’t affect my budget and decided to donate $5.00 a month. I’ve been a United Way Donor ever since."

How did you become involved with United Way of Southern Cameron County?

Frank: "I became involved with the United Way of Southern Cameron County through IBC Bank’s CEO/President Al Villarreal. Mr. Villarreal told me that the UWSCC was in need of new board members and he thought that I would be a good candidate. I was a little hesitant at first because I am involved with the Boy Scouts of America and IBC Bank EAB group. After learning a little more about the UWSCC board, I was more than willing to help."

What do you like about serving as a member of the Board of Directors?

Frank: "I like knowing that the little bit of time I am contributing can make a difference in helping my community. I also like that being a new board member has given me the opportunity to meet new people."

Has anything about UWSCC surprised you as you've become more involved?

Frank: "What surprised me is how many people and organizations they have helped over the years and how many people in our community have donated each year."

Why do you support United Way of Southern Cameron County?

Frank: "I am a full supporter of any organization that is dedicated to helping my community become a better place."