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Born Learning
Born Learning is a national public engagement campaign launched by United Way of America, Success By 6 coalitions, Civitas, Families and Work Institute, and the Ad Council. Born Learning helps parents, caregivers and communities create early learning opportunities for young children.

This informational campaign provides printed materials to parents and caregivers. In addition, a series of television and radio Public Service Announcements help parents, grandparents and caregivers explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities for young children. This information can be found in community clinics, doctor’s offices, and other social service agencies in the community.  Born Learning information is also available in all Newborn Packets that are distributed throughout the community. In 2011, over 3,000 new mothers received a packet with a children’s book, community resources and Born Learning information.

Five Born Learning Trails located throughout city and county parks provide parents and caregivers with specific, “doable” outcome driven games – that are fun and easy to complete and can be replicated in other family outings as a way to build cognitive thinking skills and vocabulary that is critical for school readiness. A series of signs offering educational games (approved by experts) guide adults on specific ways to develop learning games and suggest tips to use at home. These outdoor, interactive early learning Trails consist of ten signs, each printed with playful, engaging activities based on early learning outcomes. When Mom, Dad, Tia Sarita, and Grandpa take their young child for a stroll in the park, they are able to combine fun, games and exercise while spending time together – all important components of early childhood learning.

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