Funded Health Partners

Laguna Madre Youth Center
(956) 943-6310

Boys & Girls Club of Los Fresnos
(956) 233-1102
Children improve their health through physical fitness programs.

Cameron County Children's Advocacy Centers (Monica's House)
(956) 986-2770
Child victims of abuse receive counseling and gain the skills necessary to begin the healing process. Through the community education program, children learn the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touches.

Infant & Family Nutrition Agency
(956) 541-9250
Mothers learn about healthy eating habits and basic nutrition to prevent obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Families reduce the risk of health problems for their new babies with prenatal and breastfeeding education, counseling and support.

Proyecto Juan Diego
(956) 542-2488
Cameron Park families receive access to resources and health care to improve the quality of their lives through community education and advocacy.

Moody Clinic
(956) 542-8504
Children with a diagnosed disability gain access to therapy to enhance their abilities and maximize their independent function.

Tip of Texas Family Outreach
(956) 541-5566
Families gain positive parenting education, access to community resources and emotional support to prevent abuse and neglect of children.

Friendship of Women
(956) 544-7412
The community education program reduces the risk for family violence by teaching participants about the cycle of abuse, positive communication and healthy relationships.