All In Student Ambassadors

Twenty college students serve as All In Student Ambassadors to mentor students in elementary, middle school, and high school. They spark conversations about careers and postsecondary education in BISD’s 21st Century program and Career and Technology Education program. Their goal is to help students understand the connections between secondary education, postsecondary education, and students’ ability to obtain living wage employment as adults. They connect with students through engaging presentations, activities, and local college tours. 21st Century students and their All In Student Ambassador mentors have daily conversations to build-up student character and engage in hands-on, grade appropriate activities to provide a real life, age-appropriate experiences of the types of skills needed for emerging careers in Brownsville. Activities are placed in students’ 21st Century Career Portfolios to share with their parents at the end of the year. Student Ambassadors continue to strengthen a college-going culture by sharing personal college experiences while answering specific questions about degrees, careers, salaries, college credit courses, financial aid, testing, and college life. Over 1,700 pre-k through middle school students spent their before and after school hours with All In Student Ambassadors through the 21st Century program. Student Ambassadors teach Career and Technology Education juniors and seniors in high school a curriculum about the college application process and college expectations. Student Ambassadors created lessons and activities to advise students on the critical steps towards successful college enrollment. They present and share their personal college experience to students once a week for five weeks. This program reached nearly 1,000 BISD juniors and seniors who learned valuable lessons from their near-peers in the most recent school year.